Specialization Areas


Vectoria, is an  engineering Spanish company focused on international markets, specialized on construction innovating solutions particularly based on sustainability and energy effectiveness. The specialization areas Vectoria develops are the following ones:



1 CPDs design

Clients such as Agencia Tributaria ( Tax Office), Telvent, Unión Fenosa / Gas Natural, or FNM y T have rely on our company to design and renew their CPDs, mainly when highly reliable facilities are needed, or renew the existing ones without any shutdown on electrical supply or refrigeration stops.


2 Sports Hall & Stadiums

Since the innovating technical solution on the football stadium in Murcia in 1998, Vectoria has given  solutions to relevant projects on designing and  executing sportive constructions such as RAR in Granada as well as other basic projects and development to rebuild different stadiums all over Europe.


3 Malls

About 20 projects developed all over the world (“El Ensanche” Mall in Huelva, Shopping Center “Nueva Condominia“ in Murcia, Megapark in Baracaldo, or Verdecora in Zaragoza), make Vectoria an expertise on engineering projects for shopping centers and malls.


4 Hospitals

Hospital Centers nowadays, require a rather peculiar design and construction which only the most experienced engineering companies can undertake. Our background on this field is over more than 27 hospital facilities in Europe, America and Asia, offering efficient solutions to this kind of projects.


5 Penitentiaries

Likewise hospitals, penitentiaries demand a high degree of security which only the most experienced engineering companies can undertake. Vectoria has carried out more than 14 projects in Spain, Belgium, Argentina and The Dominican Republic penitentiaries.


6 Theme Park and Leisure Areas

Vectoria is likely one of the most reliable companies where high specialization projects are required to provide the facilities with the must innovating, trustable and high efficiency items taking into account the environmental and a high degree of sustainability. Relevant international firms have relied their projects on us.


7 Buildings Offices

From designing relevant buildings provided with the most innovating automatization and energy efficiency systems, to the indoor rebuilding of the existing offices, Vectoria offers the widest experience in this field even by making attractive and decorative spaces. We feel proud about the design of solutions to real unique projects.

Besides, our eagerness to solve any challenge, has led us to carry out projects on national and international airports, design cooling production centers of 55MV cooling power in Saudi Arabia, industrial projects completely automatized , Fair grounds or the Observatory of the Great Telescope in the Canary Islands. But it is not just about names, our goal is to achieve the most sustainable solutions to each problem, undertaking the most varied and challenging projects. WIT is still being our main value…!!!!!




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